Game Type: Warm-up Age Range: 7+ Number of Participants: 5-40 Materials: Enough enclosed space to accommodate the number of participants Explanation: The blob tries to assimilate everyone, and everyone tries to avoid assimilation. How to Play: Participants spread out in an enclosed area and the Blob is chosen. At the leader’s signal, the Blob begins trying to tag another participant. When the Blob succeeds in tagging a participant, that person latches on to the Blob, becoming part of the Blob. The Blob continues to try to tag others, and as they get tagged, they also join the Blob. Eventually, everyone is the Blob, and there is no one left to be tagged. Encourage both groups of participants as they try to avoid or assimilate, and remember that the last person to be tagged by the Blob is not the “winner” and the first person to be tagged is not the “loser”. The objectives for the Blob and the non-blobs should prevent the participants from thinking of this. The group will probably ask to play again, and because this is a fairly short game, there should be time to repeat the game. The second time, encourage the Blob to work together to find better ways to tag people, and the non-blobs to discover original ways to avoid the Blob. Notes: Make sure that any obstacles that could cause a fall are removed before playing this game.