Participants get to go on a “picnic” in this name game, help build the menu, and try to remember who’s bringing what. Game Type: Group Cohesion Age Range: 8+ Number of Participants: 8-25+; depending on the age and abilities of the participants Materials: None How to Play:  The participants sit or stand in a circle. The leader says, “Pretend we are going on a picnic, and everyone has to bring something for the picnic that begins with the same first letter as their name. Take a silent moment and think of an item you could bring.” The leader begins with herself: ex. “My name is JANINE, and I am bringing a bag of JELLYBEANS.” The person to the leader’s right says his name and item, and then repeats the leader’s name and item: “My name is SARA, I am going to bring SPAGHETTI. This is JANINE, who is bringing JELLYBEANS.” Each person in turn introduces himself, announces his item, and repeats the name and item of everyone who preceded them. This means that the last person has to remember everyone in the group, or at least try. The leader should encourage others to help out when participants get stuck on someone’s name or item, with verbal or pantomimed clues.   Variations: The “picnic” could be changed to a “party,” or any other type of event where people might bring items. How well the items have to fit the event is up to the leader. Set limitations on the items: If the class is studying nutrition, you could ask for only “healthy choices” from the participants.