Are you thinking about incorporating Creative Drama into your classroom? Here are some Creative Drama Basics to get you started!


  • Creative Drama revels in the experience, not the performance.
  • Creative Drama is about process, not product.
  • There are no wrong answers in a Creative Drama exercise.
  • Creative Drama can integrate all of the arts.
  • Everybody wins in a creative drama game.
  • Everyone participates during a creative drama class – there are no “stars”.
  • The leader in a creative drama session is always flexible.

An Outline for a Creative Drama Session

All activities can be based around the same theme.

Circle Time:                           Discuss the theme for the day.
                                                 Have each person share a pantomime or thought.

Warm-Up:                              Find a game or exercise in which everyone wins.

Movement Exercise:            A period of guided physical activity.

Poem or Song:                      Recite a poem, sing or dance to a song.

Imagination Journey:          Travel somewhere or sometime impossible.

Art Activity:                            Create a picture or craft.

Storytelling:                           Tell a story or read a book.

Acting the Story:                   Adapt the story so that everyone can participate in it.

Wrap-Up:                               Discuss the day’s activities.

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